Transforming the way the world builds

Mighty Buildings are transforming the way the world builds. Their mission is to help solve the housing and climate crisis by transforming the way the world builds homes using innovative materials science, robotics and automation, helping make carbon-neutral housing a reality. Their innovative approach results in 99% less waste and will have a lower carbon footprint than traditionally built homes. 

“I am extremely proud to lead a company innovating through green materials, innovative design, and automated precision. This is the future of home construction. And as a St Pete resident I’m very excited to be working with Next Design & Build to reshape the way we build in our amazing city.”

Scott Gebicke – Chief Executive Officer

The 360 Degree Smart Home System

Lighting, shading, HVAC, energy management, security & access control, multimedia and more – we approach smart home technology in a holistic way. All products and functions in a Loxone Smart Home are perfectly tuned to each other. We think that this is the only way to achieve true, modern home automation.

Bank like tomorrow depends on it – 100% Solar Financing

As the nation’s first climate-focused bank, Climate First Bank is a full-service bank offering both personal and commercial banking services. 100% Solar Financing with NO Dealer Fees.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Traditional Water Sources

Rainwater Services is a leading provider of innovative resource-conscious water conservation solutions, including rainwater harvesting packages, greywater systems, efficient irrigation, professional installation, repair and maintenance services.

Energy-Efficient Air Delivery System

The Hi-Velocity System is an energy efficient air delivery system that can be designed to provide heating, cooling, filtration, ventilation, humidification, and dehumidification. The Hi-Velocity SDHV (Small Duct High Velocity) System works on the principle of pressure rather than air velocity.