Next Design & Build are partnering with some of the coolest companies in construction to produce amazing ‘trail-blazing’ Eco Homes right here in St Petersburg Florida!

Combining proven sustainable systems with new and innovative technologies, our Semi-Custom Eco Homes are created to reduce the impact of construction on the environment and give our clients a responsible and importantly cost-effective option. 

From 3-D Printed Wall Systems to 100% financed Solar PV and Battery options, our homes push the boundaries of sustainable constriction. See our very special partners below and contact us to find out more and reserve your New Eco Home! 


To be truly sustainable a home needs to utilize eco-friendly options for interior and exterior finishes. From recycled content cladding to engineered sustainably sourced wood flooring, all our selections are designed to meet our own and our clients eco standards.

  • 3D Printed Wall Panels – Reducing Material Waste
  • Recycled Cladding – Made using recycled materials
  • Reflective Roof – Heat reflective roof finishes
  • Low VOC Finishes – Low VOC Paints stains & finishes
  • Sustainably Sourced Features – From cabinets to furniture
  • Engineered Flooring – Sustainably sourced engineered hardwood flooring
  • Native & Florida Friendly Landscaping – Reduces water usage & supports native wildlife


A net-zero home produces as much energy on an annual basis as it consumes. Design and engineering usually involve off-the-shelf energy-efficient technology and renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, to reach zero net energy use throughout the year. 

  • Air-tight Building Envelope – Control the air inside and prevent air leakage.
  • Eliminate Thermal Bridging – Prevent thermal conductor between the inside and outside.
  • High-performance Windows – Double Pane LowE glass & insulated frames
  • Continuous insulation – Encapsulating the entire building envelope
  • Reflective Roofing – Reflect heat energy away from the building
  • Efficient Mechanical Systems – Including HVAC, hot water systems & appliances
  • Shading – Overhangs & shade for all windows & doors
  • Renewable Energy – Solar PV systems & battery back-up/storage